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Smoothing Brush

Smoothing Brush

Smoothing Brush | Hair Straightening Brush | Tangle Brush

Say Goodbye to Tears with the Help of Our No Tangle Brush :

Combing your little one’s curls causing tears from both of you? Looking for a brush that takes out tangles and that helps you comb their gorgeous curls without pains and crying? Then, Natural Bunch Kids has just the smoothing brush for you!

No More Pain :

Brushing curly and tangled hair can pull their hair and cause pain. This can cause your baby to fear brushing their hair altogether. With the help of our detangling brush for natural hair, you can negate the fear and pain that your child may associate with brushing. At Natural Bunch Kids, we have designed the most effective smoothing brushes for girls that won’t cause your baby any pain. It glides effortlessly through tangles and knots and doesn’t pull.

A Detangler for Curly Hair :

Using a detangling conditioner is good way to ensure that your baby’s hair is free of knots and tangles. Our Leave-Me B Pro-Vitamin Conditioner and Detangler is the perfect choice.

The Pro-Vitamin B5 present in this leave-in conditioner helps repair your baby’s hair against damage and dryness. Follow the use of the conditioner with a painless brushing with our specially designed smoothing hairbrush. The conditioner is also great for preventing frizz and flyaway hair. This hair no tangle brush glides through your baby’s hair effortlessly. It tackles all the knots and tangles easily and makes your child less likely to fear brushing.

Popular with the Moms Too :

The Natural Bunch Kids girls straightening brush is so effective, that many of the moms use it too! Unlike other makes of tangle brushes  available, this doesn’t pull at your natural curls. It is also great at preventing split ends and breakage due to pulling. It comes in a cheerful bright green color that makes brushing time even more exciting. Brushing with the wrong type of hairbrush or a make that isn’t suited to your baby’s hair type can lead to serious damage. That is why, we have designed a hair straightening brush that is suited to curly hair.

The Perfect Regimen to Tame your Baby’s Curls :

Most children with curly hair fear brushing as they are afraid of the painful pulling caused by a regular smoothing brush. Not brushing their hair can lead to more tangles and snarls leading to damage. With the help of our hair straightening brush and detangling conditioner, you can say goodbye to brushing time pain forever!

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