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How To Fold NBK Hair Teller

Every Child with Natural Hair Should Have these Two Games

2 must-have games for every child with natural hair created by Natural Bunch Kids Hair Care

What are the two games that every child with natural hair must have? The first game has everything to do with educating your child about how to choose the best products for their hair.

Close your eyes and think back to a time when you were a just a kid playing fortune teller with your best friend. She was holding a fortune teller cootie catcher paper model on the tips of their fingers. You know the drill! She told you to pick a color. Next, she instructed you to choose a number between one and four. With a rapid but methodical count of the number of your choosing and a few manipulations of the folding paper around your best friend’s fingertips, your amateur reader opened your surprise, bestowing an activity to complete, a joke to tell, or she read your fortune. Imagine a game that offers your child a more educational experience and loves on natural hair at the same time!

NBK Hair Teller ™

NBK Hair Teller™ promises to bring good fortune to young naturalistas who receive the gift of this unique natural hair game for children. This replica takes the childhood game of Fortune Teller and uses it to inspire children to learn more about their natural hair type from a very young age. Not only does it take a classic game and deliver information about the four main hair types, but NBK Hair Teller™ educates little girls on the topic of hair porosity, shampooing and hair conditioning practices, essential oils and choosing the best natural hair care products for their hair type and how to use them.
NBK Hair Teller ™ is pre-printed with vibrant colors, short scripts, and clear folding demarcations that enables kids to set up quickly. Instead of just having numbers, a set of colors and random predictions, NBK Hair Teller ™ gifts young naturalistas with a wealth of natural hair care information at their fingertips.
Your child will also learn more about choosing proper hair care products that contain essential oils, vital vitamins and nutrients and methods they can use to infuse hair with hydration.
Speaking of hair care products for young kinks and coils, NBK Hair Teller ™ also features multiple natural hair care products that offer naturalistas a vast array of benefits ranging from repair of split ends, infusion of moisture, removal of frizz and growth of healthy hair.

How It Works: Learn, Teach & Play with your Child’s NBK Hair Teller ™

1. Pick a Hair Type
2. Spell the Hair Type
3. Pick the number & count up to that number of that Hair Type
4. Pick the letter & spell up to that letter of that Hair Type
5. Look inside as the NBK Hair Teller™ will foretell 1 product that’s best for that Hair Type.
Every child should have an NBK Hair Teller™ kit in their possession. It is an excellent resource that will leave your kids wanting to know more about their kinky roots and how to best care for them. Establishing a foundation in natural hair care knowledge at a young age will take them a very long way in developing healthy natural hair care practices that last them a lifetime.

NBK Flash Puzzle Cards™

NBK Flash Puzzle Cards™ is another great game that every kid with natural hair must try. We all enjoy a good puzzle from time to time. There’s nothing like trying to find the matching piece to create a new image. Flashcards and puzzles are similar. Both require you to use information, memory, and imagination to arrive at a specific outcome while also learning something new along the way. Getting from before to after always leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment and the same is true for kids.

The NBK Flash Puzzle Cards™ are colorful cards that not only expose children to images of kids who look like they do, but a game that stimulates visual learning, letter recognition, and memory matching skills.

In addition to NBK Hair Teller™, children can learn about caring for and loving their hair in a fun and manner. Flashcards can further aid in your mission to help your child learn faster while also instilling a bit of pride.
Both of these games are portable which means you can quickly take them with you if you are on the go. Parents can obtain these games by placing an order NOW to receive their complimentary NBK Hair Teller and Flash Puzzle Cards.


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