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6 Easy Steps to Achieve Perfect Two Strand Twists for Your Child

6 Easy Steps to Achieve Perfect Two Strand Hair Twists for Your Child

The long, hot days of summer are long gone so that means that it’s time to modify your moisture regimen and change up your child’s hairstyle! Two strand twists outs are a fan favorite in the natural hair community. Not only is it super easy to do, but it can last for at least week–especially if you use some of our key styling products. Try these steps for best twists-out for your child yet!

1. Prep the hair by spritzing dry strands with a mixture of water and our Leave Me B leave in conditioner.  This two-phase formula contains pure Pro-Vitamin B5 to repair damaged hair and seal split ends. It also contains smoothing proteins and conditioners that help prevent hair breakage and single strand knots. Not only does it moisturize, but it also detangles hair making for an easy comb-through.

2. Section your child’s hair into four parts and use butterfly hair clips to hold the sections that you aren’t working with in place.

3. Twist small sections of hair using the Irresistible Me Curl Enhancing Cream from roots to tips and throughout the entire head. Enriched with moisture, this curl-enhancing cream works to provide soft hold and smooth curls. There’s no frizz, shrinkage or dryness in sight! Only soft, stretched curls with amazing shine!

4. Set your child’s twists by sitting under the dryer for 30 minutes to an hour or let hair dry overnight. If sleeping on at night, be sure to wrap the hair using a silk bonnet in order to keep the twists in place.

5. Spritz the twists with our Shine Bright Safflower Oil and take down your child’s twists using fingers. Be sure to separate each twist into two to three parts using a dab of our Irresistible Me Curl Enhancing Cream to avoid frizz.

6. Use a wide-tooth comb to stretch hair at the roots and then shake loose for the best looking curls and finish the look by smoothing your little one’s edges with Mind Your Edges styler.


We hope these tips help!

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