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Our goal is to provide children and parents with the knowledge and tools they need to acquire and maintain strong healthy hair.  We do this not only providing safe and natural products, but by engaging with our clients on a daily basis and educating them about how to best manage the natural hair they’ve been given.  You can’t love yourself if you don’t know yourself.  Natural Bunch Kids hair care products promote hair growth as well as increasing self-esteem teaching kids around the world to love their hair, their bunch, their way!

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Betty – a Haitain immigrant from Port-Au-Prince  Haiti – is a mother of two amazing children, a wife,  and  daughter  of  two  hard-working   parents , from whom she acquired determination and an entrepreneurial mindset. She is a hard worker with moral business ethics who cares for people. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Psychology from Touro College, with a focus on counseling.

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By intentionally omitting harmful ingredients such as drying alcohol, parabens and sulfates, Natural Bunch Kids guarantees a holistic experience for kids around the world to grow to love their hair in its natural state.


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